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Amazing Full Flavor


At Grandma Dotties Dips, we use only the freshest ingredients to formulate our dip mixes. We currently have 16 flavors of dip and our most popular- Dotties Garlic Butter Dipping Oil. Each comes with basic recipes right on the package. Click on our RECIPES tab for more in depth recipes with photos. There is sure to be one that will be your favorite!

Our Salsa flavors really pack a punch! At Grandma Dotties Dips, we recognize that you need options. 

Savory SALSA

 Our salsa is available in mild and and Red Hot. Our Salsas are so versatile! Use them as a Dip, Dry Rub, or base seasoning for a fantastic pasta dish. (Also great as a bloody mary topper- but you didn't hear that from us). You choose which works best for you!



Our Desserts are a delight ! We've selected a variety of tastes that are sure to please. Some will bring you back to your childhood, (like our Creamsicle dessert) others will remind you of a trip to your favorite bakery

and our Cinnabun that is a guaranteed family favorite. Our Dessert mixes make the ultimate Pies, Canoli, Cream Puffs and so much more.

We have a dessert flavor for everyones taste !

Grandma's Cabin Cocktails

We have just launched our new line of cocktail mixes

( July 2019)!

These fantastic mixes can be made without alcohol for the kids, or "Kicked up a notch( or two)" with alcohol for the adults.

As of October we have expanded to 12 great flavors and will be looking to adding to our lineup going forward.

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